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President: PRAFULLA PRAKASH (Mobile: 99160 69432)                      
Vice President: T.R. SARASWATHY (Mobile: 9845922331)      
      General Secretary: SYED SADIQULLAH M. (Mobile: 97402 43998)

KCCE ST LTU – MOA (02/2017)                                                                   Dated: 23-Feb-17


The Annual General Body Meeting of the Karnataka Customs, Central Excise, Service Tax and LTU Ministerial Officers’ Association was held on 21.02.2017 at Conference Hall of Central Excise & Customs Headquarters, Queen’s Road, Bengaluru.  The meeting was presided over by the General Secretary of the Association Syed Sadiqullah M.  In course of his inaugural address, Syed Sadiqullah M, while welcoming all the members and office bearers, apprised all the members, collective actions taken / initiated by the Association to streamline its activities, by bringing into notice of the Board, the just grievances of the Ministerial Officers, in the heretical set up of the Departments, particularly after recent cadre restructuring. He also stressed upon of induction of young and energetic Office Bearers in order to make the Association pro-active and strong, by selecting Office bearers, who could be effectively motivated / galvanized to address the long pending and ongoing issues related to Ministerial cadres etc., to further energize the Association coherently for effective functioning.
2.         The Annual Income / Expenditure Statement and Books of Accounts of the Association for Financial Year 2016-17, were presented by Shri Sailendra Kumar Dutta, Tax Assistant, Central Excise B-IV Commissionerate, Bengaluru and details placed before the Members present. The House was also apprised about the outcome of meeting of the Office Bearers of the Association twice with the Member (P&V), during her visit to Bengaluru, on 21.05.2016 & 07.02.2017, wherein two petitions were handed over, illustrating the past / current grievances / problems being faced by the Ministerial Officers, with a request for immediate action to redress the same at the earliest.
3.         The members were also informed that with the co-operation and support from all the Members, the efforts of the Association in pursuing some of the long pending demands had yielded positive results like promotional Order of Chief Accounts Officers and it was stressed, that still lots of efforts have to be made / undertaken, to achieve the requisite positive results, for redressing / solving many outstanding issues which are plaguing the cadre resulting in affecting the moral of the Ministerial Officer in long run, if not addressed at the earliest. 
4.         In course of positive, active & healthy interaction with the Members present, they were requested to express their views voluntarily.  In response to this interaction, following points were discussed transparently with detail and it was decided that the same will be brought to the notice of the Authorities, in the form of a memorandum, illustrating the discussed points as under:
i)          Upgrading the Grade Pay of Administrative Officers:
Though the cadre of ‘Administrative Officers’ is a gazetted cadre, it carries a Grade Pay of Rs. 4,600/- in PB-2, which is equivalent to the Grade Pay, accorded to the cadre of ‘Inspectors’, a non-gazetted cadre. This is great injustice to the cadre of ‘Administrative Officers’.  Hence, it is requested that the Grade Pay of Rs. 4,600/- presently accorded to the cadre of ‘Administrative Officers’, may be upgraded to Rs. 4,800/- in PB-2, by granting Non-functional Grade Pay of Rs. 5400/-, after completion of four years in the same cadre, which will be equivalent to the Grade Pay presently accorded to ‘Superintendents’ which is a gazetted cadre.  This is a long pending demand of Ministerial Officers, which if accepted / granted, the existing parity of pay between Administrative Officers & Superintendents (both gazette cadres) can be removed ,which if continues will be against the principle of natural justice and a great injustice to the Officers working as ‘Administrative Officers’.
ii)         Proposal for Centralization of all existing / future Pension cases Zone-wise by forming a separate ‘Pension Cell’.
In the present scenario wherein the restructuring of the Department is frequently taking place at regular intervals, probability of loosing Pension Records of Retired Government Servants are very high, while coordinating between the concerned Drawing & Disbursing Office & Pay & Accounts Office. Taking this into consideration, it is proposed by this Association, with consultation with all DDOs, that a CENTRALISED PENSION CELL may be created, where not only all the closed pension files are properly archived, but also all the future correspondence, queries are being entertained. This will go a long way in helping the Pensioners and addressing their difficulties as the staff deployed in this cell will be more professional and knowledgeable towards helping the senior citizens.
iii)                Modification of Recruitment Rules in the cadre of ‘Executive Assistant’ & ‘Inspectors’:
As per the recently issued ‘Recruitment Rules’ in respect of newly constituted cadre of ‘Executive Assistant’, a ‘Tax Assistant’ have to serve in the cadre of ‘Tax Assistant’ for a period of 10 years, before his / her promotion to the cadre of ‘Executive Assistant’ which is grave injustice to the presently working / newly recruited Tax Assistants, which may lead to their de-motivation  and demoralization of their upbeat talent, as the period of 10 years in the life of a youth is very precious.  Similarly, as per the revised Recruitment Rules, for the cadre of ‘Executive Assistant’ an ‘Executive Assistant’ has to render a complete service of 5 years to be considered for promotion to the cadre of ‘Inspector’. Hence, it is proposed that newly issued Recruitment Rules may be modified to the extents which are not detrimental to the benefit of both the department & the concerned Ministerial Officers
iv)                Proposal for promotion of ‘Tax Assistant’ & ‘Executive Assistant’ by granting onetime relaxation:
At many platforms, this association has raised this issue of modification to the newly issued Recruitment Rules to the highest level possible, but these efforts turned out to be futile, since no positive outcome could be achieved till date. However, to keep the morale of the effected Ministerial Officers, it is proposed that permission for One Time Relaxation separately for Tax Assistant to Executive Assistant and Executive Assistant to Inspector may be obtained, by representing to the Board with proper justification, after analyzing the affected strength which may be brought to the notice of the Board by taking up the matter with appropriate authority. Consequently, it is proposed that promotion of entitled ‘Tax Assistant’ & ‘Executive Assistant’ to the grade of ‘Executive Assistant’ & ‘Inspector’ respectively, may be granted with retrospective effect by granting one time relaxation, as per old “Recruitment Rules” in both cadres.
v)                  Examination for promotion to the Grade of ‘Executive Assistant’ & ‘Inspector’:
As per a recent clarification issued by the Board, promotional Exams for Executive Assistant / Inspectors, all earlier exams conducted by the respective NACENs from 2005 onwards, have been nullified, in case of Tax Assistants / Senior Tax Assistants (re-designated as Executive Assistants), who had appeared for said promotional Exams without completing the Probationer period. This decision of the Board is clear instance of acting against the principal of natural justice, since the clarification Order has been issued without proper analysis of the ground facts. It is proposed that immediate action may be taken for repealing the said unjustified Order / Clarification, which adversely affects the morale of the effected Officers.
vi)        Optimized Distribution of man-power of Ministerial Officers: 
It is requested that, with regards to distribution of Man-powers of Ministerial Officers to all the formations of the Zone, may be made strictly in accordance with proportion to the actual existing vacancies and Sanctioned Strength. As of now, there is disparity in distribution of the available manpower, on account of which, many Ministerial Officers are finding it extremely difficult to perform their day to day official duties effectively.  Further, it has been noticed that some of the Ministerial Officers have been posted to technical section and some have been assigned with work of ‘Personal Assistants / Stenographer’.  Since, there is acute shortage of Ministerial Officers in every Commissionerate / formation. Hence, it is proposed that these Ministerial Officers may be utilized for work which is primarily of Ministerial in nature, by issuing necessary Orders in this connection.
vii)       Disparity in the cadre of ‘Administrative Officers’ of CBEC on par with Officers of similar cadre of CBDT: 
Time and again the point of disparity existing in the cadre of ‘Administrative Officers’ on par with same functional cadre of CBDT, has been raised and brought to the notice of Authorities in different platforms, but the same has not been considered by this Department and no action has been taken for unknown reasons. In view of such unjustified disparity, the functioning ‘Administrative Officers’ of CBEC are aggrieved on account of this blatant discrimination and it is requested that the existing disparity may be nullified effectively with retrospective effect.
viii)      Proposal for conducting of Quarterly JCM at Zonal Level:
It is proposed that in terms of Board’s direction vide letter F. No. C-30013/06/2012-Ad.IV-A. Pt.II dated 17.02.2017 (copy annexed), a quarterly JCM at Zonal level may please be conducted to foresee the issues of this association in a more systematic & transparent manner.
vi)                Multiplication of work consequent on implementation of PFMS software:
It is informed that from August-2016 onwards, the official work related to processing of Bills under various Heads (except Salaries) had multiplied after implementation of PFMS Software, as the requisite documents for processing of related Bills has to be prepared & submitted in the form of hard copies (as practiced earlier) and also hardcopies of PFMS, along with the softcopies, which has to be sent to PAO for passing for payment.  This has caused severe strain affecting efficiency of already overworked / dwindling Ministerial Staff. Hence, it is proposed that, necessary Order may please be issued in this connection by issuing instructions to PAO, for accepting only softcopies as per the format of PFMS for passing of Bills.      
Thereafter, the House retained the same members as Office Bearers of the Association as detailed hereunder:
Sl. No
Name of the Post
Shri / Smt.
Designation & formation
Mobile No.
Prafulla Prakash
Vice President
T.R. Saraswathy
General Secretary
Syed Sadiqullah M.
Joint Secretary
J. Jayakumar
AO, C. Ex., B-III
H.M. Nandish
TA, C. Ex. B-III
Joint Treasurer
Chethan C.N.
TA, NACEN (on loan)

Further following members were selected / nominated the following Members as Commissionerate wise ‘Joint Secretaries’ of the Association:
Sl. No
Shri / Smt.
Mobile No.
CCO, Central Excise
Rahul K.
Executive Assistant
C. Ex. B-I Commt.
Tamal Das
Tax Assistant
C. Ex. B-II Commt.
Aditya Kumar Sivan
Tax Assistant
C. Ex. B-III Commt.
Navdeep Sanghwan
Tax Assistant
C. Ex. B-IV Commt.
Sailendra Kumar Dutta
Tax Assistant
C. Ex. B-V Commt.
Umakanth Dash
Executive Assistant
C. Ex., Audit Commt.
Tax Assistant
Cus. B’luru City Commt.
Samarpita Mookherjee
Tax Assistant
Cus. B’luru Airport Commt.
Bindu Nair
Administrative Officer
Cus. B’luru ICD Division
Sudha G. Nair
Administrative Officer
Service Tax I Commt.
Administrative Officer
Service Tax II Commt.
D. Umarani
Administrative Officer
Service Tax Audit Commt.
Neha Sharma
Tax Assistant
LTU Commt.
Divya C.
Tax Assistant

9.         It was further decided that, in absence of any members from the respective Commissionerate, a representatives will be elected / nominated / co-opted in consultation with the members of the respective Commissionerate, under intimation to the Office bearers of the Association.
10.       The meeting was concluded with a unanimous decision to authorize the new Office Bearers to organize a special meeting at the earliest to discuss the cadre related issues and to take necessary appointment from the Chief Commissioner for familiarization of the new office bearers.

                                                                                                                      General Secretary
To All the Members

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The Principal Commr., Bengaluru City Customs / International Airport Commissionerate, Bengaluru
The Commissioner, Central Excise II / III / IV / V Commissionerate, Bengaluru
The Commissioner, Central Excise Audit Commissionerate, Bengaluru
The Commissioner, Service Tax – I / Service Tax – II Commissionerate, Bengaluru
The Principal Commissioner / Commissioner of Service Tax Audit Commissionerate, Bengaluru
The Commissioner of Customs, Mangaluru
The Commissioner of Central Excise, Mysuru / Mangaluru / Belagavi
The Commissioner of Audit, Mysuru
The Commissioner of Central Excise, Appeals I / II Bengaluru
The Commissioner of Customs (Appeals), Bengaluru
The Commissioner, Service Tax (Appeals), Bengaluru
The Commissioner of Central Excise (Appeals), Mysuru
The Commissioner (AR) CESTAT, Bengaluru
The Additional Director General, NACEN, Bengaluru
The Additional Director General DGCEI, Bengaluru / Mangaluru
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The President, All India Central Excise, Service Tax Ministerial Officers Association, Kolkata
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