Wednesday, February 3, 2016

Minutes of the General Body Meeting

Dated 03.02.2016
Dear Members,
           The Minutes of the Annual General Body Meeting held at Bangalore on 22.01.2016 is placed below for information.



            The Annual General Body Meeting of the Karnataka Customs, Central Excise, Service Tax and LTU Ministerial Officers’ Association was held on 22.01.2016. Smt.T.V.Rajalakshmi  General Secretary of the Association welcomed the members and mentioned that the Association President Shri.U.Manjunath  Holla will be retiring in the month of January 2016 and the General Body Meeting had to be convened for electing the new office bearers for all the positions in the Association consequent to completion of their tenure. 

2.        Smt.T.V.Rajalakshmi, General Secretary addressed the members and the House felicitated the President for his sincere and dedicated service for the Association both in the capacity of the President and Treasurer and requested the President to address the House. Shri U.Manjunath Holla, President addressed the members and stressed  that the Association has to select young and energetic office bearers in order make the association more active and strong to solve the cadre related issues.

3.       Smt.T.V.Rajalakshmi, General Secretary addressed the House and submitted the report mentioning the achievements made by the Association at the local level and also the support of the local association given  at the All India level.    The house was informed that Shri Shailendra Kumar Dutta from Bangalore IV Commissionerate was nominated from the Karnataka Unit at a short notice to attend the All India Association special  meeting on 23.1.2016 at Ahmedabad. The House also congratulated the members of the Association who had been awarded the Presidential Award for their Specially distinguished record of service.  Further she presented the accounts of the Association.  She informed the house that with the co-operation and support from all the Members, the efforts of the Association in pursuing some of the long pending demands had yielded positive results.  Further she congratulated all the members  who had got their promotions in the various cadres consequent to cadre restructuring.

4.        Since the tenure of the existing office bearers had expired, the House then proceeded to elect/ nominate the office bearers for the various posts. Smt. Geeta Menon and Smt Radha Madhavan, Administrative Officers  were requested to officiate as the presiding officers to oversee the election/ nomination proceedings.

5.        Thereafter, the House unanimously elected/nominated the following Members to the respective posts as the Office bearers of the Association.

1.        President                                          -           Smt Prafulla Prakash;

2.        Vice-President                                 -           Smt.T.R.Saraswathy;

3.        General Secretary                          -           Shri Syed Sadiqulla

4.        Joint Secretary                                -           Shri  J. Jaykumar

5.        Treasurer                                          -           Shri Deepak.R

6.        Joint Treasurer                              -          Shri  G.Chetan

7.        Central Executive Committee:-                       -          

            Chief Commissioner –Cadre

            Control Unit, Bangalore Zone     -          Shri  S.V.Haridas

            Commissionerate-I C.Ex.,             -          Smt. Mary Anthonyamma

            Commissionerate-II-C.Ex.,           -           Shri Devendra Kumar

            Commissionerate-III C.Ex.,          -           Shri Nilesh K. A / Nandish H.M

            Commissionerate-IV                      -           Shri Shailendra  Kumar Dutta

            Commissionerate-V                       -           Shri Sudha .K

            Cus.City – Bangalore                     -           Shri Deepak Chowdhary

            Cus. Airport-Bangalore                 -           Smt. Bindu Nair

            Service Tax – I, Bangalore            -           Shri Narayanaswamy

            Service Tax-II, Bangalore             -           Shri B.N. Arun Kumar

            Service Tax, Audit, Bangalore     -           Sanal .G

            Central Excise, Audit                      -           Shri Bopanna G.N

            Large Tax Payer Unit                     -           Smt. Sudha Bhaskar

6.        It was further decided that, in absence of any members from the other Commissionerates, the representatives of these Commissonerates shall be elected/nominated/co-opted in consultation with the members of the respective Commissionerates under intimation to the  Chief Office bearers of the Association.

 7.       It was decided by the members of the House that meetings shall be organized by the General Secretary to discuss the cadre related issues.

The meeting then concluded with a vote of thanks presented by the General Secretary.


All the Members. 

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Monday, January 11, 2016


Bangalore the08th January, 2016
Dear Members,
            Notice is hereby issued to hold the General Body meeting of this Association on the 22.01.2016 at the Conference Hall, (Ground Floor), C.R.Buildings, Queens Road, Bangalore.
            As you are all aware, the existing office bearers are holding the posts on extended tenure and new/regular office bearers are required to be elected/ nominated. Due to the transfer/promotion to a few office bearers certain posts which they were holding fell vacant, which is also required to be filled up. Members who are willing to take up any post in the Association are requested to communicate their willingness to the undersigned in Advance.
All the members are requested to kindly participate in the meeting and make it a grand success.
Looking forward to your enthusiastic response, I remain.
Yours sincerely,
All Members,
All office bearers of the Association.


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Thursday, August 29, 2013


Bangalore, the 29th August, 2013

Dear Members,

I take this opportunity to inform all of you that with the co-operation and support of all the Members, the efforts of the Association in pursuing some of the long pending demands have yielded some positive results. The order for promotion of the officers to the grade of Administrative officers has been issued. In all 10 officers have been promoted and on behalf of the Association, I wish to congratulate each of the promoted officers. Copy of the order can be accessed from Bangalore -I Website.

Further, the promotion to the grade of Inspectors, is still held up for various reasons. However, after the last interaction with the administration (i.e., the Cadre controlling Chief Commissioner), the association is hopeful, that a positive decision would be taken on the matter at the earliest. The issue has been taken up with the Administration in the forthcoming JCM meeting & Grievance Redressal meeting scheduled to be held on 30.08.2013. The outcome of the meeting would be updated shortly.

It is also learnt from the All India Association, the recognition of the Association has been renewed for the next five years. Further, the decision on the Seniority case in the Supreme Court is expected, anytime soon as the same is already being listed for Hearing over the past one month. The all important issue of Cadre Restructuring is in the final stage, awaiting approval from the Cabinet, as the same has now been approved by the Committee of Secretaries. Therefore, we are confident that things are moving in the right direction. I once again reiterate that the combined efforts alone will help us realise our objectives.

Looking forward for your co-operation and support in the coming days, I remain.

Yours sincerely,
(T.V. Rajalakshmi)
General Secretary

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Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Recent Developments

Dear Members,

The Association had taken up the delay in granting promotions to the grade of AO & STA. As regards, the promotion to the grade of STA, a reply received from the cadre controlling authority is placed below for information.
As regards, the issue of promotion to the grade of AO, no response have been received till now. A copy of the letter dated 11.02.2013 submitted to the Hon'ble CC is placed below for information.

Yours sincerely,
General Secretary

Ref:- KARCCEMOA/AO/2013-1                                 Date:- 11.02.2013

The Hon’ble Chief Commissioner,
Central Excise, Bangalore Zone,

Respected Madam,

Sub:- Promotion to the grade of Administrative officers – Request for review
of decision – orders issued at C.Ex., Delhi & C.Ex., Kolkata - reg.
* * * *

            Please refer to this Association’s letter dated 08.08.2012 & 20.12.2012, on the captioned subject. Kind attention is also invited to the Minutes (copy enclosed for reference) circulated by the Additional Commissioner (P&V), Central Excise, Bangalore –I vide C.No.II/39/68/ 2012.Estt.B dated 27.12.2012 in respect of the JCM meeting held on 22.02.2012.

2.         In reply to the point raised by this Association on the subject matter, it has been stated therein that “The chairman informed that in this regard a reminder to the Board has been sent”. Non-receipt of clarification from Board is being cited as the reason for not granting promotions to the grade of AO, in this zone for the past 8 months. In this regard, it is submitted that the vacancies in the grade of Administrative Officer which arose from the month of May-2012 onwards in the zone remain unfilled, while eligible officers in the grade of Deputy Office Superintendents are eagerly awaiting their promotions.

3.         It was also brought to your notice that while promotions are being granted from DOS to AO in other zones, the same is not being followed in this Zone, without any valid reason. Non-promotion of officers in this zone is leading to an anomalous situation, whereby placement in the all India seniority in respect of the officers whose promotions are delayed is adversely affected apart from the fact that they are incurring monetary loss every passing day, for no fault of theirs. The fact that many of the AOs are holding additional charges, in certain cases more than one additional charge due to the non-filling up of the existing vacancies, is causing untold hardships and misery on these officers. All such officers have expressed difficulty in continuing with the burden for a longer period of time and with the end of the Financial Year fast approaching, the administration is also likely to suffer adversely.

4.         It is pertinent to mention that the Board has nowhere stated that granting of Ad-hoc promotions shall be discontinued, but had instead sought some clarification with regard to the manner in which promotions were being granted. Therefore, the decision to withhold promotions based on the said letter for such a long period is unjustified. Further, the vacancies in the grade of AO would in any case be filled up by 100% promotions from the feeder cadre of DOS as per the seniority, and hence there appears to be no sufficient cause or ground to withhold granting Ad-hoc promotions in this zone alone.

5.         In view of the foregoing, it is once again requested that suitable directions may be issued immediately, to fill up all the posts in the grade of Administrative officers on Ad-hoc basis, as is being done in other cadre controlling zones.

            Awaiting favourable orders, we remain.

Thanking You,
Yours faithfully,
Encl:- As above

General Secretary

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Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Bangalore, the 13th February, 2013.
The Joint Action Committee of Group B and C in Karnataka comprising of the Non-gazetted executive officer’s federation, Ministerial Association, Inspector’s Association and Superintendent’s Association have decided to hold a Joint convention at Bangalore on Saturday the 16th of February 2013, to debate on the grievances of the staff and officers, their degraded career prospects, further methods to be adopted for achieving the common objectives and the proposed agitation program.
Venue : The Karnataka State Billiards Association
No. 5/1, Miller Tank Bund area, JasmaBhavan Road,
Bangalore 560 052
Ph: 080 43223222

Time : 10.30 Hrs to 16.00 Hrs

We appeal to all the officers and staff of Central excise, Customs and Service Tax Commissionerates in Karnataka to participate in the convention and show solidarity to the cause of the Associations. Yours views, comments and support will go a long way in achieving the objectives and aspirations of the cadres.






Constituent Associations:

i. All India Central Excise, Customs and Service Tax Non-Gazetted Executive Officers Federation, Karnataka

ii. All India Central Excise and Service Tax Ministerial Officers Association, Karnataka
iii. All India Central Excise Inspectors Association, Karnataka
iv. All India Association of Central Excise Gazetted Officers, Karnataka

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